The MADEIRA HAIR CLINIC is equipped with the latest techniques and hair treatments that adapts to all patients independently of the pathology.

The Medical-surgical team of Madeira Hair Clinic has extensive experience in the Hair Restoration sector: recognized Doctor and Surgeon, experienced Anesthesiologist, specialized Nurses, Hair Care Assistants, Laboratory Assistants (in the area of Hair Restoration) and Hair specialists, working together to establish the most appropriate solution for each person.

Our patients will be assisted and monitored constantly by our healthcare staff, from the time of arrival to the clinic, during therapy and until the end of treatment.

Male Baldness Pattern
(Scale of Hamilton/Norwood)

The Madeira Hair Clinic offers treatments for men and women with hair, eyebrow and beard disorders such as:

  • Hair loss;
  • Low hair density;
  • Premature baldness;
  • Baldness;
  • Ill-defined eyebrows;
  • Eyebrows implants;
  • Poorly defined beard;
  • Beard implant ;
  • All types of alopecia;
  • Hair problems related to cancer treatments.
Female Baldness Pattern
(Ludwig Scale)

Before any treatment is applied, patients undergo a Medical Consultation, to analyse their pathology and clinical history, and then to be referred to the most effective treatment.