The Clinic

Madeira Hair Clinic’s
Located at Rua João de Deus 12B, right in the center of Funchal.
Main Entrance of Madeira Hair Clinic
Free and Private Parking
If it’s your case, you can bring your own car and park in our free and private two-story parking space.
Free and Private Parking
You’ll be kindly welcomed by our staff that will show you our Waiting Room.
Waiting Room
While you are not called, you can wait in our quiet and comfortable Waiting Room.
Waiting Room
Reduced Mobility
The clinic allows access and movement of persons with reduced mobility.
Madeira Hair Clinic’s Entrance
After being called, you will be accompanied to the section of the Madeira Hair Clinic, where you’ll have your consultation with Dr. Cruz Dinis.
Madeira Hair Clinic’s Entrance
Appointment Dr. Cruz Dinis
In a private office, you’ll be received by our specialist Dr. Cruz Dinis, the hair surgeon of Madeira Hair Clinic.
Hair Treatment/Surgery
After the appointment, you will begin the hair treatment according to the Dr. Cruz Dinis hair surgery plans.

MADEIRA HAIR CLINIC is a highly specialized Hair Restoration Clinic led by DR. CRUZ DINIS that offers solutions to all hair problems, in a space where quality and advanced technologies are combined.

We have a medical-surgical team of experienced professionals who will accompany you in a familiar and relaxed environment during the various phases of your treatment plan.

Madeira Hair Clinic has personalized and comfortable treatment rooms, medical offices, nursing offices, treatment rooms in the area of capillary care and fully equipped operating rooms.

The clinic is in the heart of Funchal city and offers free parking to all of our pacients.

The clinic allows access and free move for persons with reduced mobility.