Hair Transplant | HAIR

Hair Transplantation is a minimally invasive clinical procedure, which consists of transplanting hair follicular units (hair reproductive organ) from denser areas with little or no susceptibility to hair loss, to be implanted, one by one, in areas with lower density.
Normally, the extraction is carried out from the nape of the neck to implant later on the top of the head, being performed using local anesthesia.
This intervention is used for the treatment of Alopecia (baldness), but it can be used for other purposes such as correction of scarred or hairless areas of the scalp and/or beard and eyebrows.
This process presupposes that the donor area (denser) and the bald area are from the same person and, therefore, without risk of rejection.
The follicular units that produce one to two hairs must be in the front line, very close to each other and respecting the natural direction of hair growth.
The final result depends on how the follicular units are implanted, and it is essential that the transplantation is carried out by teams experienced in this procedure.